Our Goal…

Way back in 2007, ICT Direct was established with the simple goal of making computers readily accessible to each child in school. With each passing year, we take a step closer to this by providing Schools, Colleges and the wider UK Public Sector with top-quality refurbished business-class computer hardware at a fraction of the cost of comparable new equipment.

In 2014, ICT Direct formally merged with parent company, 1st Technologies Ltd. Taking advantage of our stronger buying power and economies of scale delivered by a combined workforce, we pressed ahead offering a greater range of products at market-defining prices.

To date, we have supplied thousands of schools with over one hundred thousand quality refurbished computers. 2020 was our most challenging year so far, and we switched focus to supporting remote learning. ICT Direct sourced thousands of quality laptops, portable devices and hundreds of affordable webcams. Once again ensuring as many children as possible have access, not only to a computer but to a consistent education whilst their schools were closed.

How We Do It…

Large & multinational companies, banks, government & public healthcare bodies ensure they are at the cutting edge of technology by leasing their hardware estate. They pay fees year on year for their required hardware and when lease terms come up all hardware covered by said agreement is replaced like for like with newer equipment. Included can be desktop PCs, top-of-the-line laptops, monitors and massively powerful servers. In reality the computers about to be replaced are still in excellent condition and, when professionally refurbished, are nearly as good as new.

How good would it be to replace all your school IT equipment with reliable devices without spending a fortune? Or even buy three times as many devices as you thought you could originally afford? There are many factors to consider before going down this route:

  • What kind of school computers will you actually be getting and will they fit the requirements of the ICT curriculum?
  • What kind of warranty comes with these computers?
  • What level of service will you receive? Will the computers just be delivered from some central source leaving you with any potential problems that may occur?
  • What is the environmental impact of your potential purchase? Buying refurbished computer hardware is beneficial to the environment and by far the greenest way to provide secure, reliable machines for your school.

ICT Direct machines are rigorously cleaned and tested then re-sold them at incredibly low prices direct to schools & public sector. All ICT Direct computers are Windows 10 compatible, come with a 2 year no quibble Advance Replace Warranty, and the option of brand new keyboards and mice.

We work closely with Head Teachers and ICT Managers & business managers to identify their needs, and to date have supplied thousands of schools throughout the country, saving each a considerable amount of money.

Our Promise to you…

We understand that trust and reliability are of paramount importance in any partnership, and we can reassure every school we work with that we will provide them with a solution that will not only meet their requirements but also exceed them.

We are members of BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association – so you can buy from us with the confidence of knowing we subscribe to their code of practice

We work on the principal that you receive only the best possible products and most reliable service.